To the Church in America,
You demanded of Me a king in this man named Trump [1 Samuel 8:5] and played the harlot before the peoples of the earth.
In this, you deemed Me unfit to rule My Church [Jeremiah 32:38], so I removed Trump [Daniel 2:21] and will now install a ruler who will lead in the spirit of Saul [1 Samuel 8:18].
This new leader over America will persecute My Church to no end and drive it into caves of oppression [Judges 6:2]; only the wise will escape in My grace [Psalm 27:5].
In this time, you will know that I love and rebuke My Church to present it to Myself without blemish [Revelation 2:20-23].
Declares the Lord, who searches hearts and minds, and repays according to your deeds. 
[1 Samuel 8:7]
"God does not predict in prophecy what may happen,
He determines before time what must be in finality.
Peter Dal Bianco
Psalm 115:3
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